What should I talk about in the Career Spotlight forum?
Speakers can explain what their job involves (for example, what a typical day or week in their working life might involve), the importance of their work in the community, what they like about their job, and how they came to be living and working in that role in the community. If the Career Spotlight forum is a structured session with allocated times for speakers, we would usually allow about 15 – 20 minutes for each speaker, including time for questions and answers with students.

Can I give out company leaflets at the Career Spotlight forum?
Please check with us first. Some types of promotion are only available to sponsors.

How long will students be with us for the work experience sessions?
Students will usually be placed for two to three days of work experience in each workplace, depending on the requirements of the workplace. The aim is to allow the students to get a first-hand understanding of the work carried out there.

Can students do hands-on work during the work experience sessions?
Please let us know if there would be an opportunity for students to do hands-on work, as we need to balance this excellent experience for students with their safety during the session.

Does the same person have to supervise the students throughout the work experience sessions?
No, provided we know who will be responsible for supervising the students during the whole session. In some cases, the school’s teacher representative or program supervisor might accompany the students during work experience sessions.

Do I have to develop a special program or will the students just follow my normal day?
It is up to each workplace, and will depend on the situation, but just following along during your usual working day is perfectly fine, especially if you can explain what you are doing and why, and how this compares to other days at your workplace.

Is there any special paperwork that we need to complete for work experience sessions?
We will send you any paperwork that needs to be completed by the workplace.  This would usually include the work experience agreement form required under Queensland Department of Education policy and procedures.

When will we know the numbers and names of students participating in our work experience session?
We will let you know these details at least a fortnight before the session, wherever possible.

Do students need written reference materials for their work experience session?
No, nothing formal is needed, but fine if they can be provided.

Can I expect to be remunerated for taking part in a Q&A forum, Career Spotlight session or work experience session? 
As we are a not for profit charity focussed on keeping our programs affordable for students, we ask that you offer your time in attending a Q&A forum, Career Spotlight session or providing work experience on a voluntary basis. We are very grateful for the support of host community members in helping us to offer diverse and interesting programs for students.



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Opportunities in rural areas


Business skills, innovation
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A lifeline for rural areas
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skills needed


Improve services to rural areas
and enhance health outcomes

Professional and

Help rural areas with
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